16 Patterns to Boost Creativity ... Enjoy!

Attention: marketers, managers, designers, artists, engineers, students, entrepreneurs and others ...

~ In our connected world, a proximity focus enables flexible thinking. ~

ProxPatterns for Creativity
Relate a Variety
Honor Integrity
Allow Uncertainty
Avoid Forcing
Involve Actively
Transition Smoothly
Connect Independently
Value of Some
Limits of One
Never Know All
Rank Depends
Introduce Related
More Proximate
Create Links


To learn more or use tools, see proxpatterns.com.

These 16 ProxPatterns are part of the proximity thinking framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, sustainability and living. The main site is at proxthink.com.

I created proximity thinking and can help you or your group generate ideas and solutions. We can interact any way that works. This might include a variety of communication methods (phone, email, text, video, in person, etc.), as well as different services and approaches. To contact me, use the contact form (choose the Flexible Collaboration subject). Send me your name and phone number, and if you like, a brief description of your situation. We can discuss it and ways to work together.

David Loughry

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ProxThink is a proximity-focused framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving and sustainability.

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