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Brief Intro - Basics

The ProxThink Basics are a collection of ideas, concepts and tools, organized in a separate site area. The Basics help us describe and discuss situations, and are used with ProxPatterns.

The Basics include a Foundation, a few Terms and some Tools.

The Foundation includes an Underlying Concept and the Core Idea.

We can talk about practically anything in basic ways with just four Terms, which are: Situation, Element, Relationship and Proximity.

The Tools include ProxSet and ProxPattern, which work with the Terms to help with the Core Idea. ProxSets provide focus. The ProxPatterns are an integrated group of related patterns for relating to situations.

Examples, expanded definitions, key points, tips and questions available to members.

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Tip of the Iceberg: ProxThink is an integrated set, or framework, of ideas, tools, models and standards for relationships, creativity, innovation, growth and sustainability in proximities. This page is a tip of the iceberg. Read more or join here.

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