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Growth Model

Brief Intro - Growth Model

This page is a brief introduction to the ProxThink Growth Model. If you would like to explore it in more detail, here's a link to the Growth Model section in the User Area.

Note on Sustainability: This Growth Model is one of the three ProxThink Innovations related to sustainability. The other two include a sustainable structure for thinking and relating, and sustainable patterns and tools for generating ideas and relating to situations. Also see sustainable proximities, which are built around the Growth Model.

Boosting Collaboration and Encouraging Growth
This growth model can be useful for people who share a proximity, by making it easier to relate to the proximity. It provides ways to collaborate and manage resources while encouraging growth. It can encourage growth in a variety of ways and of various kinds (not only economic growth), for resources as well as people. It contains aspects of ideas found in areas such as sustainability, open source development, competition, systems thinking, innovation, and cooperation, without being any of those exactly. It’s a synthesis, and results from taking a ProxPatterns perspective. This growth model has the potential to be sustainable, flexible, healthy, fun and efficient for people in the proximity of situations in which it is used. In turn, these qualities can help people grow, change, survive and thrive.

What might this be like?
The Growth Model approach might be sort of like the give and take of a neighborhood, relationship, friendship or perhaps being a considerate traveler. You may want the neighborhood, relationship, friendship or location you're visiting to survive, thrive, and take care of you as you take care of it. You may also want it to persist, adapt and change as needed, which is how proximities stay sustainable and life stays interesting.

The Growth Model
The ProxThink Growth Model starts with the concept of using ProxPatterns and includes four main processes: RelatePoints, ProxMonitors, Vadi Agreements, and ProxRewards (proxri). When implemented together, these four processes have the effect of transforming a proximity into something more like an element, thus making it easier to relate to the proximity. It may also make the proximity seem more like it has a life of its own!

A RelatePoint is a primary starting point or place for coordinating relationships in the proximity. RelatePoints provide options for communication, a key to productive and enjoyable relationships. The symbol (r] stands for a RelatePoint. A RelatePoint is evocative, adaptable and versatile.

A Proximity Monitor, or ProxMonitor, increases ProxAwareness (proximity awareness), which can help many kinds of relationships. To better relate in a ProxThink Core Idea sense, people need greater awareness of and information about the proximity. Further, this awareness is a key part of taking ProxPatterns-related action.

Vadi Agreements
The term Vadi (pronounced vah'dee) is short for valuable differences. A Vadi Agreement acknowledges that differences are a part of relationships and some differences have value. A Vadi Agreement also provides relationships and agreements which can help valuable differences persist, adapt and change as needed. Vadi Agreements can range from very formal to very casual. The concepts and elements of Vadi Agreements can adapt to a variety of situations. Aspects of Vadi Agreements can be found in examples ranging from formal agreements like contracts, treaties, governmental forms, belief systems, procedures, traffic rules, and other written agreements, to spoken or unspoken agreements like marriages, friendships, neighborly arrangements, community norms and mutual understandings, to commonly accepted practices that are useful, enjoyable or make sense like crop rotation, lending libraries, generally accepted accounting practices, donation systems, art forms, etiquette and social norms. The various deals and agreements in our Terms of Use, including our Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal and Intellectual Property Deal are also examples of Vadi Agreements.

ProxRewards (proxri)
A ProxReward is a reward which relates elements in the proximity. As such, it is often a reward made with the proximity in mind. ProxRewards are not only money. ProxRewards can be money and/or elements of your choice. ProxRewards can be many different elements or relationships which help relate elements in the proximity. As such, there can be many varieties of ProxRewards. We use the term proxri as short for both ProxReward and the plural ProxRewards. ProxRewards can be an essential part of Vadi Agreements. Here are examples of proxri, and what ProxRewards in practice may look like.

How the Processes Help Relationships
create links and starting points for better relationships. ProxMonitors enhance ProxAwareness for better relationships. Vadi Agreements relate a variety of parties and elements in the proximity, while honoring their integrity and allowing uncertainty. ProxRewards (proxri) can be an essential part of Vadi Agreements, and allow people to use ProxPatterns to improve relationships.

Sustainable Proximities Approach
The Growth Model is the core around which the sustainable proximities approach is built.

Climate Change
With the advance of climate change and global warming, ways to create sustainable proximities are needed. We hope the ProxThink Growth Model, a part of Action Steps, will prove valuable in dealing with climate change. (Action Steps are general steps for idea generation, evaluation and implementaion using ProxThink Hints, ProxPatterns, ProxGrowth and the Growth Model. You can explore Action Steps in the Start section of the User Area.) Also, see our climate change project.

Growth Model and Technology
The Growth Model can work well with many existing technologies. The combination of some technologies and the Growth Model perhaps presents some ways to fundamentally change how we can coordinate, collaborate and manage resources. Consider the network technologies enabling communication (such as mobile phones, satellites, GPS and the Internet), sensing technologies (such as for heat, light, vision, motion, chemicals, etc.), and database technologies. These sorts of technologies especially serve some processes of the Growth Model, such as RelatePoints, ProxMonitors, and ProxRewards (proxri), which will in turn support the creation and improvement of Vadi Agreements. Further, add the ongoing evolution of online collaboration, from open source software, to wikis, to social media and sharing and collaboration. For more, see the sustainable proximities approach.

Possible Standards
The four main processes of the Growth Model are an integrated set, and are designed to be standards, for both online and offline use. The four main processes, described above, are: RelatePoints, ProxMonitors, Vadi Agreements, and ProxRewards (proxri). The RelatePoint symbol (r] is also designed to be a standard, which is described on the RelatePoint page.

Adopt this Growth Model
We invite you to adopt and adapt the related standards of the Growth Model. If you do, we ask you to proxri (ProxReward) us for developing, pioneering and promoting some new ways of growing and relating. Here's more about how to adopt the growth model.

For More About the Growth Model ...
For more detailed descriptions of, and arguments for, this Growth Model, here's a link to the Growth Model section in the User Area.

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