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Brief Intro - ProxPatterns

The ProxPatterns are an integrated group of related patterns for relating to situations. Currently there are three major groups of ProxThink ProxPatterns, for a total of sixteen individual ProxPatterns. In the User Area, each ProxPattern includes examples, full definitions, key points, tips and questions.

The ProxPatterns can help us relate to a variety of situations, relationships and people, ranging from simple objects and daily concerns, to social situations, to business situations, to community situations, to creative situations in the arts and design, to theoretical situations, to physical situations in engineering and science. The ProxPatterns apply to static and to dynamic (changing) situations.

Here are a couple of examples of ProxPatterns in use.

A single ProxPattern describes ways elements can or do relate in the proximity of a situation.

As a group of related patterns, ProxPatterns are valuable in relationship with each other. If one ProxPattern doesn't apply in a situation, another one probably does. Further, they often work together and play off each other.

So, as a group, ProxPatterns can help us relate to situations in more productive, effective, adaptive, creative, playful and enjoyable ways.

ProxPatterns are used in ProxThink Hints Tools.

Tip of the Iceberg: ProxThink is an integrated set, or framework, of ideas, tools, models and standards for relationships, creativity, innovation, growth and sustainability in proximities. This page is a tip of the iceberg. Read more or join here.

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