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ProxThink Hints Tools

Custom Questions for You

ProxThink Hints are custom questions using your word or words. Your questions are generated with the online Hints tools.

ProxThink Hints leverage the ProxPatterns and can trigger ideas, possibilities and options for relating to your situations. A situation is whatever you are dealing with or considering.

You can try ProxThink Hints here or at the top of most pages.

There are sixteen main hints; sixteen followup hints expansions with further discussion and questions; the VIU Hint tool; the Core Idea hint; pairs tools; a three random hints generator; ways to consider how your hints synergistically relate to each other; and links to related ProxPatterns, definitions, explanations, examples and further questions.

Although a single hint may be valuable alone, your hints are even more valuable in relationship with each other. Why? Your hints are created with ProxPatterns, a group of related patterns. If one hint or ProxPattern doesn't apply in a situation, another one probably does. ProxPatterns work together and play off each other.

In using the ProxThink site and ideas, many people may find ProxThink Hints to be their quickest route to more viable and enjoyable options for their situations.

Expanded Hints pages - Under each hint on the main hints page, you can click to expand for a fuller discussion, questions and other tools. The expansion input boxes are also available on each ProxPattern page, making the whole site more interactive.

Join Here - We want ProxThink to be a sustainable resource, so we created Proxri-Based Membership. Join here.

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