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Brief Intro - RelatePoints (r]

A Starting Point or Place
Part of the Growth Model, a RelatePoint is a primary starting point or place for coordinating relationships in the proximity. RelatePoints provide options for communication, a key to productive and enjoyable relationships. The symbol (r] stands for a RelatePoint. A RelatePoint is evocative, adaptable and versatile.

Examples and Adaptability
On a website, a RelatePoint can be a page or set of pages. However, the concept can adapt to a variety of situations. A RelatePoint can be any place or way of coordinating relationships. At a convention, seminar or meeting, it might be a table and a sign. A phone or mobile app can be a RelatePoint. For groups who meet on a regular basis, their meeting place can be a RelatePoint. An internet chat interface can be a RelatePoint.

What to Expect
When you see the (r] symbol, you know that ways to relate to someone or something can be found there. You may find information about relating to an individual, group, organization, entity or other proximity. You may find ways of relating such as communicating, cooperating, collaborating, joining, rewarding, etc.

The symbol (r] is very compact, so it can appear many different places. For example, it can be a link on a website, a mark on a creative work, or an iconic graphic on a sign. It can be created by anyone with a keyboard. It is also easily created with a pen, pencil, brush, etc.

One Process in the Growth Model
RelatePoints are one process in the ProxThink Growth Model. They can best be understood in the context of the Growth Model.

Adopt and Proxri
We invite you to adopt and adapt the related standards of the Growth Model, including RelatePoints. If you do, we ask you to proxri (ProxReward) us for developing, pioneering and promoting some new ways of growing and relating. Join here to discover more about adopting and adapting.

Details and Arguments
For more detailed descriptions of, and arguments for, this Growth Model, join here.

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