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Brief Intro - Start

Once you join, our Start area helps you start quickly in your own way. Below are the different ways (so far) the Start area offers to start using the site and getting results.

Welcome - an introduction.

New Visitors - an orientation for new people.

Site Areas - short descriptions of each major site area.

Action Steps - for idea generation, evaluation and implementation.

ProxThink Hints - links to jump into the hints section.

Context - relates ProxThink to other sets of ideas.

VIU Synergy - an introduction to three key ProxPatterns.

Overview Lists - for both the Basics and ProxPatterns.

Example Stories - for everyday life, business and innovation.

Recipes - starter steps to approach situations such as to play, change, grow, enjoy, speed up and slow down.

Thorough - steps to systematically learn ProxThink.

Join Here - We want ProxThink to be a sustainable resource, so we created Proxri-Based Membership. Join here.

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