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Hello and Welcome!
For a video intro and a general text overview of proximity thinking, please see the homepage. There is also a short slideshow below, as well as a site orientation and links for things to explore next.

Quick Intro
Below is a very short introduction to proximity thinking. If the slide show is loading, please wait a moment. Thank you.

Proximity Thinking Quick Intro from David Loughry

Site Orientation
There are two major divisions of this site, the Intro Area (blue headings) and the User Area (green headings). You can move between the User Area and Intro Area with the Go to User Area and Go to Intro Area links in the upper right of pages. The Intro Area (where you are now) was created as a way to introduce the ProxThink framework to people considering joining as members, and it still provides good general information, but we are now allowing open access to the User Area, so you might as well dive in with one of the links below!

What to Do or Try Next ...

To begin using ProxThink on your own, see New Visitors.

To begin using ProxThink with others, explore Let's ProxThink or our Shared Situation Guide, Workshops & Public Collaborations.

To see some videos, check out the ProxThink YouTube Channel.

To try a tool for triggering ideas (just one part of ProxThink) ...
Enter a word or phrase related to whatever you are considering, and click ProxThink Hints.

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