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Evolved for Use

How ProxThink evolved to be useful for climate change and many other situations ...

I wanted a set of ideas to help me relate to as wide a range of situations as possible. Through creating patterns for generating ideas and relating to situations, I created a structure for thinking. Then using the patterns and the structure, in an effort to bring them to you via the Internet, I created a growth model. It turns out these three ProxThink Innovations are general enough to apply to many situations (see Ways to Use ProxThink). In addition to innovation, problem-solving and creativity, among the ways to use ProxThink are possible approaches for some tough challenges, such as: 1) climate change and sustainability, 2) the logistical and legal issues around downloadable music, movies and software, and 3) collaboration, conflict resolution and growing community. In the process, I've spent many years of effort and many resources. If you're interested, visit Dear Visitor for actions, money and people needed. If not, please continue exploring the site to see if you or people you know might benefit from joining as members.

Thanks much!
David Loughry

P.S. There is also a blog post with a little more history here.

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