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Why proximity?
Many of our personal and shared situations have a group of elements related to the situation, whether those elements are people, places, things, ideas, feelings, relationships, groups, times, processes, or whatever else seems related to the situation. But we don’t have a frequent way of talking about, and relating to, a group of elements related to a situation. The word proximity, the meaning of which includes nearness in relationship, can help. In proximity thinking, the proximity consists of elements related or potentially related to a situation, in physical, mental and other ways. (For a slightly longer discussion, see the Quick Start page.)

What is ProxThink?
ProxThink is a proximity-focused framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, sustainability and living. Proximity thinking is thinking with this proximity-focused framework, which consists of some basic ideas, patterns, models and tools. Proximity thinking can be used in proximities which may be personal, interpersonal, organizational, market-oriented, local, regional, global, or unique to your situation.

Essence of ProxThink
The ProxThink framework mainly consists of three integrated parts: The Basics help us describe and discuss situations. The ProxPatterns are especially helpful for creativity, innovation and problem-solving. The Growth Model boosts collaboration and encourages growth for people who share a proximity.

To begin using ProxThink, see New Visitors.

ProxThink Innovations
There are three main ProxThink innovations, which are also the three main parts of the framework:
1) The ProxThink Basics are a new structure for thinking and relating.
2) The ProxPatterns and ProxThink Hints are new patterns and tools for generating ideas, enhancing creativity and relating to situations. Here are examples of the use of ProxPatterns in Conversation, Negotiation, and Writing. You can try the ProxThink Hints tool here.
3) The ProxThink growth model can help you implement ideas and create diverse kinds of growth. It is the basis for the sustainable proximities approach, which can increase sustainability and variety in proximities.

What You'll Probably Use the Most
ProxThink is short for proximity thinking. ProxThink is built upon the idea that being is about relating, combined with a focus on the proximity. You will likely use the ProxPatterns and the ProxThink Hints Tools the most.

Creativity and Innovation - Slide Show
For an introduction to the creativity and innovation aspects of the ProxThink framework, see this slide show.

Sustainability discusses how ProxThink and sustainability go together, what sustainability means, why we need it and how we probably need a variety of kinds of sustainability.

Ways to Use ProxThink shows three lists, ranging from more general to more specific.

Why? Who? How? For answers, see these links: Why use ProxThink?, Who can benefit? and How does it help?

Two Press Releases
A long one and a short one.

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