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Proxri-Based Membership

Based on Proxri Deal
So that ProxThink can be a sustainable resource, our Proxri-Based Membership is based on our Proxri Deal. We want the majority of our growth to be proxri-based. What are proxri? Proxri, also called ProxRewards, are rewards which relate elements in the proximity.

What's it like?
ProxRewards (proxri) in practice are sort of like the give and take of a neighborhood, relationship, friendship or perhaps being a considerate traveler. You may want the neighborhood, relationship, friendship or location you're visiting to survive, thrive, and take care of you as you take care of it. You may also want it to persist, adapt and change as needed, which is how proximities stay sustainable and life stays interesting. Relationships of this kind persist longer than transactions, so our relationship and Proxri Deal continues whether you use the site online or the ideas and concepts offline. For more, see ProxRewards in Practice.

How does it work?
The essence of our Proxri Deal is this: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind. How does a person proxri? The word proxri (pronounced prox'ree) is short for ProxReward. A proxri is a reward which relates elements in the proximity, and can be money and/or elements of your choice. So throughout our relationship, we ask you to proxri with the proximity of the deal in mind.

Not a requirement, but a relationship.
With our Proxri Deal, you are not required to do anything, but you are asked to relate according to the Proxri Deal.

Short on time or energy?
For people occasionally short on time or energy to explore the proximity of the deal, we offer suggested minimum annual proxri ranges.

Why do we have a proxri-based membership using our Proxri Deal?
1) We don't expect membership to be large enough for us to survive on ads alone.
2) We don't want to deny access to someone who can't afford a high membership fee.
3) In our opinion, many forms of online media, legal practices and markets need different relationships for the realities of networks and the Internet. This is our solution.
4) Perhaps most importantly, we believe it can be sustainable, flexible, healthy, fun and efficient.

A good chance of working.
We hope and think there is a good chance our Proxri Deal will work. That ProxRewards will flow around and back and forth in ways that benefit the related people. Part of this notion is that this site and the ideas here will generate rewards for you, which also are ProxRewards. In other words, we're taking the chance that ProxRewards flowing back and forth between the users of the ProxThink ideas and site, the collaborators, and the developers, will sustain and grow this resource and our relationship.

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