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by David Loughry

This work is dedicated to James Ogilvy, whose book Many Dimensional Man provides, among many other insights, one of the key insights which guides the ProxThink journey.

If you think you created something by yourself, or you don't need people, make a list like this one. We create with, live with, and relate to some people. If you are helped by ProxThink, it is in part due to some elements on this list, which have had various influences on my development and on ProxThink.

In addition to the specific influences on this list, ProxThink has also been in some way influenced by many people I've met, places I've traveled, experiences I've had, etc.

As ProxThink grows and is affected by collaborators and contributors, the influences will become more diverse.

Perhaps the most succinct way to acknowledge influences is to name the major proximities which I've come into contact with, so I'll start there. Of course, some of them overlap.
Schools and Universities (teachers, researchers, departments, textbooks, labs, students, activities)
Art (artists, critics, dealers, historians, teachers, books, magazines, museums)
Creativity (writers, researchers, practitioners, consultants)
Philosophy and Religion (teachers, philosophers, books, critics, reviews, movements, writings, leaders, preachers, organizations, paradigms)
Science (scientists, historians, authors)
Mathematics (teachers, textbooks, authors)
Design (architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, website designers, thinkers, teachers, authors)
Business (entrepreneurs, business people, consultants, magazines, newspapers, authors, teachers)
Social (family, friends, associates)
Music (jazz, classical, rock, pop, world, latin, african, experimental, avant-garde)
Other Arts (dance, literature, general fiction, photography)
Environment (writers, speakers, scientists, activists, policy makers)
Politics (politicians, journalists, academics, the media)
Alternative Energy (writers, speakers, scientists, activists, policy makers, governmental agencies, inventors, entrepreneurs)
Pioneers, Activists and Deviants (of many stripes)
Apple Macintosh (company, community)
Fitness (skiing, running, leaders, writers, therapists, practitioners)

Books - Thought
Many, many books, too numerous to list, have directly or indirectly influenced the ProxThink set of ideas. These few probably had the greatest influence on the early ideas: Many Dimensional Man, by James Ogilvy; Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; the Foundation series, by Isaac Asimov; and various math and science books which gave me a sense of sets and the thought systems of science. A few books had more influence on some of the later ideas, especially how ProxPatterns work together and relate to each other, and through that synergy also the ProxThink Growth Model and ProxGrowth. These include: Out of Control, by Kevin Kelly; Emergence, by Steven Johnson; and Six Degrees by Duncan J. Watts.

Inspiring Lives
Leonardo da Vinci, Buckminster Fuller, James A. Ogilvy, John Cage, Amory Lovins, Kevin Kelly, Stewart Brand, Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Pat Metheny

Inspiring Communication
Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Andy Breckman, Tom Peters, Alan Watts

Books - Web, Software and Interface
HTML & XHTML, by Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy; Adobe User Manuals; About Face 2.0, by Alan Cooper and Robert Reimann; Don't Make Me Think, by Steve Krug; Homepage Usability, by Jakob Nielsen & Marie Tahir; Web & Software Development, A Legal Guide, by Stephen Fishman; Trademark, Legal Care for Your Business & Product Name, by Stephen Elias; Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL, by Hugh Williams and David Lane; Managing and Using MySQL, by George Reese, Randy Jay Yarger & Tim King; Programming PHP, by Rasmus Lerdorf & Kevin Tatroe; Marketing Through Search Optimization, by Alex Michael and Ben Salter; Search Engine Visibility, by Shari Thurow.

Open Source Software
PHP, Apache, Linux, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, OpenOffice, WordPress, the Open Source movement itself, and the book Rebel Code, by Glyn Moody.

Commercial Software
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, GoLive), Apple Mac OS.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, C-SPAN, Wired, Business 2.0, Fast Company, Art Forum, Book Forum.

Universities and their Libraries
Washington University in St. Louis
University of Wyoming, Laramie
University of Colorado, Boulder

Cities & Towns
Cheyenne, WY, USA; Boulder, CO, USA; St. Louis, MO, USA; Denver, CO, USA; Vail, CO, USA; Los Angeles, CA, USA

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