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Please Note

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We're working to create User Area versions of some Intro Area pages, which include: Ways to Use ProxThink, Sustainability, ProxThink Innovations, Dear Visitor and Proxri-Based Membership. If you are sent to one of these pages, you can always get back to the User Area from the Intro Area with the links in the upper right of pages.

People Needed

The three people I need most right now are an innovative lawyer, a web development specialist, and a marketing specialist.
- David Loughry

With an innovative lawyer, I want to improve the various parts of our Terms of Use, including especially the major deals (Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal and the IP Deal). Also, I want to discuss and possibly set up an alternative business form.

With a web development specialist, I want to improve site maintenance and development, and work on new projects.

With a marketing specialist, I want to focus on getting the word out better about this site, the ideas and the potential here, both on and off the web.

For more on people needed for these and other situations, please look in ProxMonitor: Site and ProxMonitor: David Loughry. For ideas about people we may need in the future, please see ProxThink Projects and Site Possibilities.

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