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Collaboration between ProxThink users and developers has value, and there is value in having collaboration persist, adapt and change as needed. There are a variety of ways we might collaborate.

Regarding the ProxThink site and ideas, please consider collaborating with information, expertise, or in other ways, and the potential rewards of doing so. This collaboration model is part of our Growth Model and is one of our experiments. For more on rewards and growth, see the Growth Model and Vadi Agreements.

Collaborate with Information

We are interested in your results, experiences, examples, ideas, suggestions, comments, and so on, regarding the site itself, or the ProxThink set of ideas, or both. Good, bad, interesting, funny, useful, practical, profitable, enjoyable, playful and so on. Examples and questions from your experience would be welcomed on the Basics or ProxPatterns sections. Some other areas for collaboration include: ideas and suggestions about how to improve ProxThink, how ideas relate, how ProxThink elements can be extended, how ProxThink elements can be translated to different situations, and corollaries to ProxPatterns.

Contact us to collaborate. Consider the rewards below.

Collaborate with Expertise

Perhaps you are an expert in an area, or have skills, knowledge or experiences which relate to our situations. See Site Possibilities, Other Projects, Growth Arc and ProxMonitor for some ideas. Or, perhaps you see things we need which we don't even know about.

Contact us to collaborate. Consider the rewards below.

Collaborate in Other Ways

Perhaps you have various resources that could help. Perhaps you are willing to take on a project or part of a project. We are open to suggestions. Also see Site Possibilities, Other Projects, Growth Arc and ProxMonitor for some ideas.

Contact us to collaborate. Consider the rewards below.

Rewards for Collaborators

General Rewards
The process of collaborating is partly its own reward. Creating and contributing have intrinsic benefits. Plus, consider your rewards for using the site and ideas, as it gets better and better. As it does, you will probably experience some specific and general rewards, as well as rewards to your larger proximity.

Direct Rewards
We are adapting the Growth Model and Vadi Agreements for the purpose of direct ProxRewards (proxri) to collaborators. Click for our Collaboration Deal.

Rewards Beyond
In addition, by collaborating, we will probably generate rewards and opportunities in some proximities beyond those we are aware of. By making the ProxThink site and ideas better, we can perhaps help other users in other places in ways we'll never know.

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