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Collaboration Deal

This Collaboration Deal is based on the Vadi Agreement concept that some differences such as those related to collaboration have value, and there is value in having collaboration persist, adapt and change as needed. For a more complete introduction, see Collaborate. Note that this Collaboration Deal is one of our experiments.


• We agree to consider the rewards to the ProxThink site and ideas from your collaboration, whether the collaboration arises from use of the site and ideas and/or arises from participating in various ProxThink Services, and we agree to provide ProxRewards (proxri) to such collaborators based on the proximity of the deal.
• We encourage participants in various ProxThink Services to ProxReward (proxri) each other for collaboration, ideas and solutions.
• We may make some collaborations from various ProxThink Services public (for services which did not originally occur publicly), and in such cases we have set up processes to ask for the approval of related participants and for ProxRewards (proxri).
• We encourage people who view and/or listen to various ProxThink Services which occur publicly to ProxReward (proxri) participants in those services.

User and Participant Rewards

The users and participants rewarded and the ProxRewards (proxri) themselves may be diverse and numerous. The ProxThink site and ideas benefit from the collaborators' contributions, but so do many visitors to the site. As discussed on the Collaborate page, the collaborators themselves benefit. And in the case of ProxThink Services, other participants and viewers/listeners may benefit as well. Our ProxMonitor page will capture some of the various benefits.

Proximity of the Deal

Proxri for Collaborators

These are potential direct rewards to collaborators, in addition to the rewards discussed on the Collaborate page in the General Rewards and Rewards Beyond sections. These ProxRewards (proxri) will be based on the proximity of the deal (just above).

ProxRewarding with Money
We will make some direct ProxRewards (proxri) of money to collaborators. These may vary with time, and may recur, so a collaborator may receive various ProxRewards over time. The guiding principle for ProxRewards to collaborators will be based on the Vadi Agreement concept that some collaboration has value, and there is value in having collaboration persist, adapt and change as needed.

ProxRewarding in Other Ways
There may be a wide range of options for non-financial ProxRewards (proxri). Some ideas will surface when collaborators tell us about their proximities. Some initial ideas include links, public acknowledgment, ads, information, recommendations, custom ideas, etc.

ProxRewards from Other Site Users
As our collaboration tracking develops, we plan to provide ways for other users of the site to ProxReward (proxri) collaborators directly.

Proxri Related to ProxThink Services

Some of our Services create proximities in which participants collaborate with us and with each other. This Collaboration Deal relates to both these kinds of collaborations, which creates these four possibilities:
1) Benefits to the ProxThink Site and Ideas

If during these services, collaboration related to improving the ProxThink site and ideas occurs, those efforts will be considered for ProxRewards (proxri) as part of this Collaboration Deal.
2) Benefits to Other Services Participants
If services participants collaborate and contribute ideas and solutions that help other services participants, we encourage participants to ProxReward (proxri) the relevant other participants. If contact and payment information needs to be exchanged to allow these proxri, we agree to help facilitate that exchange if the relevant participants agree to the exchange of this information.
3) Possible Benefits to the Public from Non-Public Services
Some collaborations during non-public services may be of benefit to the public at large and/or various individuals and groups within the public. If we and the participants agree this may be the case, then at our discretion, these collaborations may be made public, provided that the services participants also agree to provide their contact and payment information to allow for ProxRewards (proxri), or agree that their contributions to the collaboration shall remain anonymous and not rewarded directly. Those services participants who agree to provide their contact and payment information may choose whether to make this information available to the public generally, or allow the public to request their contact and/or payment information on a case-by-case basis. It's also possible that we might receive proxri related to making the collaboration public that are not directed to any specific services participants, in which case we would then proxri the session participants in turn.
4) Possible Benefits to the Public from Public Services
Some ProxThink Services may occur in public, and may be of benefit to the public at large and/or various individuals and groups within the public. This Collaboration Deal will be in effect during public services, and by participating, viewing or listening, people agree to this Collaboration Deal. People are encouraged to ProxReward (proxri) the participants and/or ProxThink. Ideally, participants should provide ways for people to reach them after the services, so people can proxri them. For example, within public comments participants might include a link, or when commenting with their public profile (for example, their Google+ profile) this contact mechanism is already built into the comment. Alternatively, if we know how to reach participants but they provided no contact information publicly during the services, we will make an effort to connect people wanting to proxri with the relevant participants, and people wanting to proxri such participants can contact us here or via our ProxThink Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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