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Here are several experiments we are trying, both at a project level, and a personal level.

At a Project Level

Several things we are trying are experiments. Our Proxri Deal, Growth Model, Collaboration Deal, Quick IP Deal and IP Deal are somewhat different ways to organize relationships between users, collaborators and developers. Some of our potential Other Projects may have experimental aspects as well.

For a comparison to more conventional internet business and our probability bet, see this discussion at ProxRewards in Practice.

We hope these experiments work for many people in proximity to this project. We'll keep evaluating them, and let you know. If they don't work, we'll have to try something else.

For a discussion on related issues, see Perspective.

We welcome your collaboration in these experiments. You can contact us here.

Thank you in advance!

- the ProxThink Team

At a Personal Level

A note from David Loughry:

After it launches, my goal/direction is to grow this project without it destroying my life. We hear about so many successful startup ventures where the founders put in insane hours. Well, I sort of feel like I've already done a bit of that, and I've learned it is unhealthy not having a life. This project has been a 30-plus year labor of love, not to mention great expense. Solving the puzzles of innovation, creativity and perhaps a bit of life has been too consuming for too long. So I've designed the project to allow me more life, by trying some experiments, and getting more people involved. My goal/direction is for people involved in this project to have plenty of time for life too.

So here is another experiment. Since the Team currently consists of me, I'm relating ProxGrowth and the ProxPatterns to living my life, which you can discover more about at ProxMon: David Loughry.

Thank you!

- David Loughry

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