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Summits Along the Journeys
A hilltop is the top or summit of a hill. It's an achievement or success, and is part of the journey. Here we celebrate some of the hilltops. These hilltops are successes related to the ProxThink site and set of ideas. The successes are contributed by the developers, as well as users or collaborators, related to their hilltops with ProxThink. This will probably evolve into a blog of some sort. You can contribute your hilltop story here. (If your story does not quite fall into the hilltops category, see the Your Results page.)

Creation of the Growth Model
Once I had developed the ProxThink Basics and ProxPatterns, the first major project I created with them was the Growth Model. See more about how it made sense to create the Growth Model at Perspective.
- David Loughry

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