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How We Relate

Below are some of the ways we relate to each other. ProxPatterns are a part of how we relate. In this case, "we" means users, developers, collaborators, and perhaps others not directly connected to the ProxThink set of ideas and site. These efforts could enhance qualities of lives in many different proximities.

ProxThink Site and Ideas
See especially Welcome, Context, Site Potential, Start, Basics, ProxPatterns, and Hints. Also see Transitions for People.

Alternative Growth Model
See Growth Model, Perpective, PPs & Rewards, Some People, Proxri Deal, Adopt (r], Collaboration Deal, IP Deal and Transitions for People.

Intellectual Property Approach
Note that IP means intellectual property. See ProxPatterns: IP, Quick IP Deal and IP Deal.

Opportunities to Get Involved
See RelatePoint, Interaction, Site Possibilities, Other Projects, ProxReward and Collaborate.

Potential Related Projects
See ProxThink Projects and Other Projects.

Openness to Change
See Vadi Agreements, Collaborate, Work in Progress, Perpective, Quick IP Deal and IP Deal.

Allowing Uncertainty
See Experiments, Proxri Deal, Collaborate, Work in Progress, Quick IP Deal and IP Deal.

30+ Years Commitment
See History.

Related Future Projects
In the future, we may be involved in various related projects that help. You can discover more about future possibilities at ProxThink Projects and Other Projects.

Future of this Site
This site will also evolve to become more helpful. You can discover more about future ProxThink site possibilities at ProxThink Projects and Site Possibilities.

As you see from the above list, we are pioneering a number of different kinds of relationships. To encourage and help spread these types of relationships, try them in your proximities, and ProxReward us for pioneering them. Thank you!

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