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Intellectual Property (IP) Deal

Notice - In Development

The pages ProxPatterns: IP, Quick IP Deal, IP Deal (this page), and related links, are a first attempt at a Vadi Agreement for intellectual property, as an interim solution. We ask you to abide by these, and their spirit, for now. Please contact us with any questions. Find out more at IP Deal - In Development.


The Quick IP Deal
This page, including links, is our complete IP Deal. If you want a quick overview, you can see our shorter Quick IP Deal to get the flavor of the complete IP Deal below.

The Benefits
We have created a set of intellectual property (IP) Resources, defined below, that we believe have the potential to serve people in many kinds of situations, from daily living to global concerns. You and your proximities have opportunites to benefit in many different ways from using, adapting or building upon the IP Resources. Further, we (you, us, and our combined proximity) have opportunites to benefit as well.

A ProxPatterns Perspective
In the interest of encouraging the use of ProxPatterns, we developed this IP Deal related to intellectual property rights. We ask that you take a ProxPatterns perspective in honoring our IP Deal. This IP Deal is modeled on the Vadi Agreement in the Growth Model, and is part of our growth model experiment. This IP Deal could be considered a kind of license. Further discussion can be found at ProxPatterns: IP.

Overview | User Rewards | Proximity: Deal | Reward

IP Deal Overview

The IP Deal is based on the Vadi Agreement concept that the ProxThink IP Resources have value, and there is value in having those IP Resources persist, adapt and change as needed. Consistent with the Core Idea, you are encouraged to use, adapt, build upon and extend the IP Resources to generate IP User Rewards and rewards to our combined proximity, provided you relate to the Proximity of the IP Deal, honor our IP Requests and ProxReward in Return. In doing so, you help others too, as you help some of the IP Resources evolve, survive, spread and adapt to change.

Intellectual Property (IP) Resources
The intellectual property resources (IP Resources), are the entire ProxThink site and set of ideas, including but not limited to the site content, concepts, ideas, patterns, tools, models, standards, neologisms (coined words or expressions), various conceptual innovations and other innovations, videos, interactive areas and other site features found in all major sections of the site. Examples of site sections include the Basics, ProxPatterns and Growth Model, as well as the Start, Hints and About sections. Included as well are the Proxri Deal, IP Deal and Collaboration Deal. Our Trademarks are also included, as are the ProxThink River blog and the ProxThink backup site. Throughout, you find combinations of ideas, concepts, terms, text, formatting, HTML and software code which make up the site and set of ideas. Excluded of course are enabling software such as Apache, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, blog themes and so on.

Use, Adapt, Build Upon
Your exposure to, awareness of, and usage of these IP Resources may vary widely, and benefit and reward you in diverse ways. Note that usage includes all manner of publishing, distributing and broadcasting. The word you should be broadly construed to include individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and so on. The word may in the following list is used in the sense of "it will possibly happen" and also "you are allowed to," provided you honor this IP Deal. You may use or come into contact with the IP Resources in various ways. You may directly view or use IP Resources online, use them offline, be exposed to them in Services we offer, or come across them indirectly in various ways, including but not limited to both formal and casual social or technological networks and communication methods. In other words, our relationship exists wherever and however you are exposed to or use the IP Resources, and so our Proxri Deal is in effect as well. You may consider and enjoy the IP Resources, or you may use the IP Resources to solve problems, take action, evaluate ideas and actions, have fun and enjoy situations, and create or generate various other results. You may download them; copy them; publish, distribute or broadcast them in diverse media; see or hear them published, distributed or broadcast; hear someone talking about them; see them in a search or feed; use, modify, adapt, build upon or variously extend them to create or generate other creative works, ideas, products, services, innovations or financial results; or use, learn about, or relate to the IP Resources in a variety of other ways.

Reward in Return
As you can explore in IP User Rewards, you and your proximity may benefit in many different ways from using, adapting or building upon the IP Resources. If using, adapting, building upon or extending the IP Resources is rewarding and beneficial to you or our combined proximity, we ask you to:
1) Honor our IP Requests.
2) ProxReward in return.
This is a voluntary standard. In doing so, you help others too, as you help the IP Resources survive and get better. We pledge to continue managing resources and collaborating in ways which encourage the use of ProxPatterns. In addition, you may affect how projects evolve, and there may be other beneficial ripple effects. To help you think about rewarding in return, consider some of your user rewards and the proximity of this IP deal, found below.

IP User Rewards

Possibilities for some of your IP User Rewards are discussed here.

Proximity of the IP Deal

Reward in Return

1) Honor our IP Requests

2) ProxReward in return
Various ways to reward in return for IP Resources are covered in these links:
Reward with Money
Reward in Custom Ways
Reward through Partners

Please contact us with any other ideas or questions regarding this IP Deal.

[[to come - a one page text version of the IP Deal, including links pages]]

[[to come - move some of the "with the proximity in mind" language into this IP Deal.]]

[[to come - an IP Deal stated from the other party's perspective, or perhaps a bidirectionally related perspective, for use in Collaboraton Deal]]

[[we may need to wiki this IP Deal to make it really great]]

[[to come - create more general version people can adapt or adopt or point to from other sites]]

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