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Notice - In Development

The pages ProxPatterns: IP (this page), Quick IP Deal, IP Deal, and related links, are a first attempt at a Vadi Agreement for intellectual property, as an interim solution. We ask you to abide by these, and their spirit, for now. Please contact us with any questions. Find out more at IP Deal - In Development.


Intellectual Property (IP) typically means aspects of copyright, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, which help protect and encourage intellectual creations. We have a little different take on the process. At the end of the remarks below, you will find a link to our Quick IP Deal and the more complete IP Deal for using, adapting and building upon the IP Resources for other situations and proximities.

IP Issues

More Flexible and Rewarding
There may be routes to more flexible and rewarding systems of managing intellectual property. ProxPatterns provide some clues.

Value of Relationships
From the Underlying Concept and the Core Idea, we are reminded of the value of relationships. It is of value that we don't have to keep reinventing things like the wheel, shoelaces, plumbing and so on.

IP and Ideas are Resources
Just like natural resources, money and people, intellectual property and ideas are resources. Ideas have value and innovators need to be encouraged and rewarded.

Emerging Alternatives
As a society we have invented ways to protect and encourage innovators and innovations, such as trade secrets, copyright, trademarks and patents. However, the emergence of alternative intellectual property (IP) practices points out that some of the standard methods may need to be updated. Two examples of such new practices are the open source software movement, and alternative copyright licenses for creative works (such as the Creative Commons licenses). We've developed another alternative.

Encouraging Innovation
We believe the ProxThink set of ideas has some wide-ranging value. And, that it has more value and will create more value if more open, rather than closed like trade secrets. Concepts from the Core Idea and from ProxPatterns provide some clues about how we might proceed regarding IP issues and rewards to innovators. With ProxPatterns and other ProxThink ideas, we developed the Growth Model. Part of the Growth Model is the process of Vadi Agreements, which provide a framework for creating agreements about intellectual property. With Vadi Agreements in mind, we developed an IP Deal, with a Quick IP Deal as an overview.

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