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Quick IP Deal

Notice - In Development

The pages ProxPatterns: IP, Quick IP Deal (this page), IP Deal, and related links, are a first attempt at a Vadi Agreement for intellectual property, as an interim solution. We ask you to abide by these, and their spirit, for now. Please contact us with any questions. Find out more at IP Deal - In Development.


We are applying the ProxThink set of ideas to intellectual property (IP) practices, which is resulting in some innovative new practices, as a part of our growth model. The letters "IP" refer to intellectual property, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, which help protect and encourage innovation. For a full introduction see ProxPatterns: IP. For the complete deal see IP Deal.


The Quick IP Deal is based on the Vadi Agreement concept that the ProxThink IP Resources have value, and there is value in having those IP Resources persist, adapt and change as needed.

Quick IP Deal

Consistent with the Core Idea, you are encouraged to use, adapt, build upon and extend the IP Resources to generate IP User Rewards and rewards to our combined proximity, provided you relate to the Proximity of the IP Deal, honor our IP Requests and ProxReward in Return. In doing so, you help others too, as you help some of the IP Resources evolve, survive, spread and adapt to change.

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