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Limits of Use

The ProxThink site and set of ideas does not have all the answers. It perhaps has some answers. It perhaps contains some clues for action (see Site Potential). Based on the Limits PPs, there are limits to our relationship (see below for some of these limits). We do think however, the ProxThink site and set of ideas can help you relate to many situations in more productive, adaptive, interesting, enjoyable and playful ways, and help those qualities emerge in situations as well.

In addition, like many things that are alive, interesting and valuable, this site and project will continue to grow and evolve. It is a Work in Progress. (You might even be involved in that!) Every page may not be perfect. Things can and will change.

In addition to our Terms of Use, here are a few ideas about limits based on the Limits PPs:

Value of Some
This site will probably apply to some situations, for some people, some of the time.

Limits of One...
There are limits to any one element, in this case the ProxThink site or set of ideas, to relate to other elements in your situation.

Never Know All...
We can never know all the elements in your situation, so ProxThink will never relate to every element in your situation.

Rank Depends...
The rank, hierarchy or importance of this ProxThink site and set of ideas will vary based on the elements and relationships in your proximity or ProxSets.

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