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At My Info, you can manage your account, track your learning, and save your ideas. Track Learning lets you keep track of your progress in learning ProxThink Basics and ProxPatterns. Save Ideas is a place to save notes or ideas triggered as you use ProxThink.

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We send occasional email updates about the ProxThink ideas and site. If your email address or other information has changed, please let us know at Manage Account.

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If you need to contact us about your account, click here.

Proxri-Based Membership
For now, our Proxri-Based Membership page is in the Intro Area. You can use the To User Area link in the upper right of the Intro Area pages to get back to the User Area.

Coming Soon
If you want a richer relationship with us, or want to be or are a collaborator, or want to be a resource we can contact, we'll soon be expanding your account information to include more details.

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