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Other Projects

As a part of ProxThink Projects, here are some other possible projects which relate to the ProxThink set of ideas. These are preliminary rough outlines. We'll keep you posted. You can also relate to us about them at Contact.

Possible Websites

ProxThink Translated
Projects to translate the ProxThink set of ideas in several ways. One would be for other languages and cultures. Another would be for different subcultures, groups, disciplines, and idiomatic or casual speech.

Growth Model for Proximities
A place where the four main processes of the Growth Model can get implemented for various proximities. People, groups, organizations and institutions could post their own RelatePoints. Second, ProxMonitors could help monitor the status of related elements and proximities. Third, ways to help people develop agreements based on the concepts of Vadi Agreements could be provided. Fourth, ways for ProxRewards to be encouraged and used could be built. Some kind of foundation and/or collaborative effort would be needed to build such a site or set of sites. The ProxMonitor process could be the most challenging, yet perhaps the most useful. If we know about and act in relation to a wider variety of elements in the proximity, within limits, ProxAwareness goes up and the use of ProxPatterns may increase. The recent web practice of tagging might play a role in the monitor process. The site could also provide ways for people to easily use and implement the Growth Model in their proximities, which would include Vadi Agreements such as the Collaboration Deal, the IP Deal, and perhaps others.

Needs Doing
A place for people to find out what needs doing in different proximities they are a part of. It could use the RelatePoint and core Growth Model concepts as well. It might use or adapt the Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal and IP Deal.

Balance People and Variety People
A place for people to coordinate some of their proximities for better balance. It could start with the notion that balance is related to ProxPatterns as a related group of patterns. It would launch and help manage practices related to balance for individuals, groups, organizations and institutions. It would also help with the changes involved in transitions to more balance. The ProxThink set of ideas could be one of the resources. It could use the RelatePoint and core Growth Model concepts. It might use or adapt the Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal and IP Deal. It could use or link to the Needs Doing site. The ProxPatterns are only one of many possible models for balance. It could have ways for people to write up and share their own methods for balance. A similar site could be built around the idea of coordinating and enhancing variety in people's live. Variety could be a different emphasis, as a way to achieve more balance. You could probably argue that having balance involves variety, and vice versa.

[[to come - Add ProxPeople. And the possibility of combining some of these projects with ProxPeople.]]

Art and Music
A place where art is more alive. The Growth Model is used, so that people can upload art, as well as download, print, and/or modify art. In the process, they help themselves grow, the artists grow, and the proximity grow. A similar site could be built around music. The sites might use or adapt the Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal and IP Deal.

Discipline Descriptions and Translation
By "disciplines" we mean different domains of thought, work, business markets, play, etc., which have their own terminology and common practices. The site would provide descriptions of different disciplines using some of the concepts and terms from the ProxThink set of ideas. This would allow people to perhaps more quickly pick up the terminology and structure of different disciplines. It could also help different disciplines with different terminology communicate, by translating what they are doing into ProxThink terms.

Inventions, Creations, Writing
A place where people could share inventions, creations, gadgets and innovations they have developed through a ProxThink Growth Model system which also uses the IP Deal and perhaps the Collaboration Deal. A similar site could be developed around writing.

Other Possibilities

Climate Change
Please see the Climate Change Project here.

Ways to apply the ProxThink set of ideas and the Growth Model to energy use and management. The Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal and IP Deal might be used or adapted as well.

Social Flexibility
Ways to adapt the ProxThink set of ideas in ways that allow greater social flexibility. This could solve some of the problems of increasing income disparities we are seeing. When living in more ProxPatterns-related ways, we may become aware of some social barriers which hinder valuable differences and relationships. Some situations might transition to an emphasis on preferences to create valuable differences, rather than money or power to create differences.

Large Scale Change
Ways to use the ProxThink set of ideas for large scale change. Large scale would include initiatives or projects with transition effects which markets and/or societies can typically handle only slowly and with difficulty. Such large scale projects might benefit from concepts from the ProxThink set of ideas, which apply to diverse situations.

Long Time Change
Ways to use the ProxThink set of ideas for long time change. Long time would include initiatives or projects with multiple hand-offs over time between people or groups which don't typically work together for the duration of the project.

Conflict Resolution
Create adaptations of the ProxThink set of ideas for conflict resolution. This could help people develop possible viable alternatives using ProxPatterns, and create workable Vadi Agreements.

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