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Help Grow the Proximity

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

This page is part of the Proximity of our Proxri Deal.

Five Ways

Help grow the proximity in five ways. This can further proxri yourself, the ProxThink IP Resources and other related people.

Here's How

1) Let us know some of your results and rewards from using the ProxThink Intellectual Property (IP) Resources.

2) Let other people know how you have used the IP Resources, your rewards from doing so, how you proxried us, and how they might find the IP Resources helpful or rewarding. Suggestions for acknowledging and encouraging on the web and in other media can be found at IP Requests. In more informal and casual situations, you can let others know in conversation.

3) Consider ways we might collaborate.

4) Encourage others to use a Proxri Deal of their own, or create one for yourself, if the situation seems like a good fit.

5) For our creation of ProxThink and the ProxThink Growth Model, please proxri us for developing, pioneering and promoting some alternative ways of growing and relating.

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

Consider adopting or adapting the Proxri Deal and/or the Growth Model for your situation. Learn more here.

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