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Your Circumstances and Other Elements

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This page is part of the Proximity of our Proxri Deal.

Your Circumstances

As you consider rewarding with a proxri, consider your circumstances. Are you ABLE to provide a reward? Remember that proxri are NOT only money. A proxri may include money, things, services, ideas, tasks, relationships, actions, and so on, as well as a combination of these. For more examples of proxri, see the proxri page.

What Else is Related?

As you consider rewarding with a proxri, consider other potentially related elements in the proximity. Consider elements such as time, money, people (see below), networks, institutions, skills, beliefs, knowledge, intuition, energy, feelings, ideas, groups, relationships, proximities, processes, assets, other resources, etc.

Other People

Other people, meaning people who are not direct users of the site and ideas, may relate to the proximity of this deal in known and unknown ways.

We have crafted this Proxri Deal to relate to other people in accord with the Core Idea and ProxPatterns, which can also encourage ProxGrowth. Of course, with the Limits of One, there are limits to our ability to ensure ProxGrowth. However, with the Value of Some, we think, believe and hope that some ProxGrowth can flourish.

Individually and together in groups, we may be going through transitions from looking after ourselves to looking after our relationships and proximities. So we encourage you to consider other related people as you consider the proximity of this deal.

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

Consider adopting or adapting the Proxri Deal and/or the Growth Model for your situation. Learn more here.

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