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Reward with Proxri

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

ProxReward (proxri)

ProxRewarding is part of our Proxri Deal, IP Deal, and Proxri-Based Membership. A shorter word for ProxReward is proxri.

As you may have seen, here's the essence of our Proxri Deal:
As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.

This page is the proxri step in the process. To explore the proximity of our deal, click proximity here or at the top of the page (between Proxri Deal and Reward.) For more on the Proxri Deal, what this is like, and how it works, click here or click Proxri Deal at the top of the page.

You can proxri with money, with ProxSets of your choice, or through our partners. Please consider this practice in some of your other proximities too.

Money | ProxSets | Partners

ProxReward with Money

A ProxReward, or proxri, is not a one-time price or subscription fee. ProxRewards relate elements in the proximity of the deal, in connection with our Proxri Deal and/or IP Deal. Individuals rewarding under the Proxri Deal may be interested in our suggested minimum annual proxri ranges.

Notes: You do not need to have a PayPal account. The payment page will show "David Loughry" as the merchant.

Thank you!

• For over $1,000, please send a check.
• For recurring (monthly) ProxRewards, click here.
• For less than $2, click here.
• If you need an invoice or receipt, please contact us.

Money | ProxSets | Partners

ProxReward with ProxSets of Your Choice

Ways to ProxReward without money are limited only by your imagination, which makes life exciting. You may have resources, connections, services, skills, opportunities, products, knowledge, expertise, suggestions, etc., which can be used to create ProxSets which relate to the proximity of the deal, whether the Proxri Deal and/or the IP Deal.

Here are a few other ideas: collaborating, telling a friend, travel services, links to our site, support, referrals, networking, advertising and so on. For other ideas, see ProxMonitor and ProxMon: DL.

Contact us to reward with your ProxSet

Thank you!

Money | ProxSets | Partners

ProxReward through Partners

A ProxReward to us might result by starting a search here.


If you would like to become a partner, sending us ProxRewards for leads we send you, please contact us.

Thank you!

Money | ProxSets | Partners

Your Other Proximities

As you relate to some of the proximities of your life, consider options for rewarding and giving back, with ProxRewards, in a variety of ways. It can help encourage the use of ProxPatterns. Further, we can probably never know all the ways doing so may help. It is also likely we will help ourselves and our proximities in some ways which would never occur if we don't reward and give back.

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

Consider adopting or adapting the Proxri Deal and/or the Growth Model for your situation. Learn more here.

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