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Most People

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

This page is part of the Proximity of our Proxri Deal.

Short on Time?

For people short on time, we have suggested minimum annual proxri ranges for individuals, whether alone or in a group or business. Otherwise, we hope you'll be able to check out this section at some point.

ProxPatterns & Rewards

Four Approaches
ProxRewards relate to the proximity of the Proxri Deal. A ProxReward is not a one-time price or fixed subscription fee, since our Proxri Deal applies throughout our relationship, helping both of us. We suggest most people ProxReward in relationship to some ProxPatterns. Below are four approaches to using ProxPatterns as you ProxReward (or proxri), plus a link to ProxRewards in Practice.

Relate to Your Rewards
Ensure Our Survival and Growth
Expand Our Variety
Relate to the Proximity
ProxRewards in Practice

Relate to Your Rewards
There are limits to what we can know about your specific proximity (Limits of One, Never Know All). Or, what you consider important (Rank Depends). However, using the Value of Some PP, we believe some of ProxThink has some value. We suggest you relate to your rewards from ProxThink when considering your reward in return.

Ensure Our Survival and Growth
If you find the ProxThink site and ideas rewarding, the Honor Integrity PP might suggest you honor the developers' integrity by insuring the site's survival and helping it grow as you reward in return.

Expand Our Variety
If you find the ProxThink site and ideas rewarding, the Relate a Variety PP might suggest you reward so that we have the freedom to pursue a variety of new possibilities, explore unkown proximities, take time off, play with limits, and grow further. Since rewarding is optional and flexible, consider the variety of different ways you can reward.

Relate to the Proximity
If you find the ProxThink site and ideas rewarding, the Introduce Related PP might suggest you learn more about our proximity, with the ProxMonitor and other links at Proximity: Deal. Then, relate to the proximity as you consider what is appropriate and could truly help as you make your reward.

ProxRewards in Practice
You will find examples of what ProxRewards (or proxri) in practice can look like here.

Proxri Deal -> Proximity -> Reward

Consider adopting or adapting the Proxri Deal and/or the Growth Model for your situation. Learn more here.

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