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Insights into Life and Living
For me, the ProxPatterns contain some insights into many different situations, including life and living it fully. Perhaps you will agree after you've become familiar with them. If so, you will perhaps see how it makes sense to use the ProxPatterns, as a group, to create the Growth Model, which includes the Proxri Deal, the IP Deal, and the Collaboration Deal. What does this mean? Please read on.

From Insights to Alternatives
Using the ProxPatterns to create the Growth Model, Proxri Deal, IP Deal, and the Collaboration Deal may seem like a rather abstract pursuit. But think about it for a minute more. What it perhaps means is that using ProxPatterns, as a group of related patterns, suggests some alternatives to some things we may take for granted. Some of these things we may take for granted include: how people collaborate; how enterprises are organized and grow; how resources are managed; and how we encourage creative innovations and content.

Beyond Ideas
Once I had developed the Basics and ProxPatterns, I could have stopped there and written a book, or created a website which uses some of the standard business models and collaboration methods. But I wanted to see what they could do, what could be created with the concepts I had developed. Once I started, I wanted many things about the site to relate to the concepts and ideas in the Basics and ProxPatterns. So it evolved from a set of ideas helpful in many situations, life and living, to a site and set of practices encouraging growth, collaboration, and creative innovation, in addition to helping people learn and use the Basics and ProxPatterns.

Looking Back and Forward
Although the ProxPatterns can support a variety of different interpretations, which could lead to different kinds of Growth Models, Proxri Deals, IP Deals and Collaboration Deals, the ones you find here now seem to make sense to me. Further, even my versions of the Growth Model, Proxri Deal, IP Deal and Collaboration Deal probably support a variety of interpretations. Finally, it seems we need the freedom to keep changing them, consistent with the Core Idea.

David Loughry
March 28, 2007

[[to come - ProxThink as a kind of language for use in arguments, which could result in more viable alternatives.]]

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