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As the ProxThink site project grows and evolves, ideas generated with ProxPatterns (PPs) in mind can help the project relate to people, processes and institutions.

Using ProxPatterns
We want to use ProxPatterns to relate to our users, collaborators, and ourselves as developers, as we grow. Below you'll find some thoughts along those lines. We obviously can't detail every circumstance relating to our growth and evolution. The following notes give a flavor of how ProxPatterns can be interpreted in the context (or proximity) of growth, evolution, people, processes and institutions.

A Bigger Picture
You may notice that the effect of using ProxPatterns can be to view situations in a somewhat more systemic and/or holistic way, without neglecting details, and without requiring complete coherence and non-contradiction.

Adapt and Reward
These growth ideas can be adapted to many kinds of situations, so they have applicability beyond the proximity of this site. If you use or adapt these ideas, we ask you to ProxReward us as a part of our IP Deal. We are developing and promoting some new ways of growing and relating. Thank you.

Combo PPs | Limits PPs | Pure PPs | Relate the PPs

Combo PPs

We'll attempt to combine some of the following:

Relate a Variety
We'll attempt to relate to a variety of users, collaborators, and others related to the project. We'll pursue a variety of funding and support sources. We'll attempt to keep variety in our lives.

Honor Integrity
We'll attempt to honor different learning styles and users at different levels of understanding. We'll attempt to honor the feedback we receive. We'll attempt to honor our resource requirements, including our technical, business, legal and personal needs.

Allow Uncertainty
We'll attempt to allow some uncertainty by not having a high fixed subscription fee, by pursuing a variety of funding and support sources, and by persenting ways for people to reward us in a way that honors both their integrity and ours.

Avoid Forcing
We'll attempt to avoid forcing people, processes and institutions in any particular direction as long as they abide by some ProxPatterns as well, such as relating to variety and honoring our integrity.

Involve Actively
We'll attempt to actively involve some elements (growth, evolution, people, processes and institutions) in our proximity within the constraints of some Limits PPs.

Transition Smoothly
We'll attempt to provide smooth transitions from learning ProxThink to using it, from page to page, and from beginning to more advanced concepts. We'll attempt to transition smoothly from a simple site to a more collaborative and complex site, by using other related ProxPatterns.

Connect Independently
We'll attempt to provide independent connections between developers, users, collaborators, rewarders, and institutions without making connections so independent as to be unnecessarily impersonal, or so connected as to be overly enmeshed.

Combo PPs | Limits PPs | Pure PPs | Relate the PPs

Limits PPs

We'll attempt to recognize and allow for some of the following limits and constraints, as well as look for opportunities and possibilities within them:

Value of Some
We'll attempt to focus on some processes related to growth, but given Allow Uncertainty, Relate a Variety, and Rank Depends, they often won't be the processes that every person or group would consider the most important.

Limits of One...
We are limited in how much we can know regarding how valuable these ideas are to you. So how would we know how much to charge you? We'll acknowledge the limits of what we can do, by opening up some aspects of development, management and collaboration to others.

Never Know All...
We'll never know all the ways people might use or misuse the ProxThink set of ideas. We'll never know all the ways people might profit by it and not reward us. We'll never know all the ways it might help people.

Rank Depends...
We'll understand how the value of the ProxThink set of ideas will be different to different people, processes and institutions, based on their unique proximity or ProxSets. And that we'll never know how that value, or rank, might change if different elements or relationships in their proximity or ProxSets were considered.

Combo PPs | Limits PPs | Pure PPs | Relate the PPs

Pure PPs

We'll attempt to become more aware of the proximity, as well as consider the structure or changes to the structure of relationships, with the following Pure ProxPatterns:

We'll attempt to increase awareness of the ProxThink site. Through openness to collaboration and feedback, we'll attempt to increase our awareness of ways to improve and extend the site.

Introduce Related...
We'll attempt to introduce related improvements, examples, links, people, and processes. We ask users to send us related examples and ideas.

More Proximate...
We'll attempt to make relevant ideas, examples and questions more proximate. We'll attempt to make the ProxThink set of ideas more proximate to people who might benefit from them.

Create Links...
We'll create links between ideas, concepts, growth, rewards, users, collaborators, etc. And between various relevant people, processes and institutions.

We'll attempt to group or ungroup ideas, tasks, people and processes as appropriate, subject to other relevant ProxPatterns.

Combo PPs | Limits PPs | Pure PPs | Relate the PPs

Relate the PPs

You may have noticed how ProxPatterns were sometimes explicitly related in the points above. Beyond those instances, we'll attempt to relate the PPs, the above thoughts, and other growth ideas as well.

Combo PPs | Limits PPs | Pure PPs | Relate the PPs

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