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This ProxMonitor is part of our Proxri Deal and IP Deal. It is David Loughry's personal ProxMonitor. Since David is the main developer at this point, you will see some overlap with the ProxMonitor for the site.

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Sustainability Status: Red
Major Factor: Financial Status

decent to good
caution and needs attention
critical and urgent

The major factor driving the red (critical and urgent) rating is my Financial Status. Please honor our Proxri Deal and proxri here to improve sustainability.

Updated Feb. 2, 2024


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I'm both frustrated and excited these days. I've worked on this ProxThink project in one way or another for over thirty years. I've financed it and have quite a bit of startup debt. Yet at the same time, it is launched and ready for visitors. Plus, I'm offering to work with people using ProxThink.

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Letting people know about the ProxThink site, and working with folks via seminars, speaking, consulting and collaboration.

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February - 2024
Updated: Feb. 2
Actual Proxri (ProxRewards)
$0 - Survive - Towards February Minimum of $2,400*
- Thrive - Towards February Goal of $4,000**
- Total for 2024
Debt - Moderate (Ask for Details)

* Current minimum monthly operating expense, plus some debt repayment
** Amount needed to partially compensate for the thirty-plus year investment David Loughry made to create ProxThink.

This project is entirely funded by me, David Loughry, at this point. The debt figure above is the result of creating this set of ideas and website. My total investment over the years is much more. I've got basically no credit left to tap. Please see this site ProxMonitor link for more details about Money Needed and what we're asking you to do.

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Current Approach to Life

My current approach to life focuses on creating situations with a variety of potential relationships. I prefer a great deal of variety and stimulation, especially in the areas of ideas, innovation, global affairs, art, music and people. I want the ProxThink project to become more collaborative, both for the variety, and also because it has become bigger than I can or want to manage. I want to move more towards my desired variety (see below).

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Desired Variety

• ProxThink-related activities - 30 to 40% of my time
• Painting and art ( - 30 to 40% of my time
• New ventures and projects - 20 to 40% of my time

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On Painting

Painting and the art world are a big part of who I am. I've slowly learned I must do some ProxThink in order to do some art, and vice versa. Painting and ProxThink complement each other. In fact, painting and drawing played a role in the development of ProxThink, as a testing place for ideas and relationships. One of my challenges is to help the two of them get along, in a ProxPatterns-related way. So it is important to me that the growth of ProxThink and related ProxThink Projects not overtake painting and art. You can see some of my work at

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My Evolving Role in ProxThink

I've developed some ideas concerning what I would like my role to involve in the evolving arc of what this site and project could become, which you can find here.

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Needs and Wishes

Resources Needed
• Enough ongoing ProxRewards to quit my part-time job and focus on ProxThink and related projects
• New MacBook Pro with AppleCare

Wish List
• Expenses for a year to keep growing and developing ProxThink
• MacArthur Foundation grant or other grants
• Endowment for ongoing partial or full support
• Travel internationally three to four times a year
• Meet some people from my inspiring lives list.
• Places to live and work for short periods in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Rome and San Francisco
• Live part-time in remote areas, part-time in cities

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