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Growth Arc

Here are three scenarios for ways this site and other ProxThink Projects could evolve along a growth arc. A goal is finding ways for the people involved, both directly and indirectly, to lead lives with ProxPatterns-related richness. We favor the third scenario. Following the third scenario are some of David Loughry's thoughts about what roles he would like to play in it.

Collaborative Scenario

In this scenario, people join in a kind of modified open source development model based on the Growth Model. We grow and spread the ideas, techniques and technology through this site project and other on-line and off-line projects. This scenario might have some Wikipedia-like aspects.

Competitive Scenario

In this scenario, we take this project private, perhaps to go public later, making it into a web 2.0 kind of business.

ProxGrowth Scenario

This scenario relates to the ProxGrowth concept and the Growth Model. It integrates two emerging realities and ProxGrowth. One reality is that often larger scale projects need some of the ongoing resources that more traditional businesses are good at providing. The other reality is the undeniable power of open source development and web 2.0 concepts, which leverage the creative powers of large groups of often diverse and dispersed individuals.

In this scenario, we have a component which looks and feels like a modified web 2.0 business, through which most users would interface the project, and perhaps collaborate on it. This generates resources, funds and ProxRewards to support a modified open source development model based on the Growth Model. The ideas, techniques and technology developed for this site could also be spread to other on-line and off-line projects. This scenario has the potential to encourage growth in a variety of ways and of various kinds (not only economic growth), for resources as well as a variety of people. These people include users, collaborators, developers, and probably unknown people in other proximities somehow related to the project or projects. It also has the potential to take advantage of other related ideas and arguments found at PPs & Rewards and Other Arguments.

David's Involvement

Taking the perspective of the ProxGrowth Scenario above, I've developed some ideas concerning what I would like my role to involve. Here they are:

I would like to have only minimal input into the following:
• Website design, development, infrastructure and maintenance
• Advertising strategy and logistics

I would like to have a medium level of input into these areas:
• Adapting ProxThink concepts to new legal forms

I would like to be highly involved with these areas:
• Further development of the core theory and ideas of ProxThink
• The strategy and direction of the project(s) as a whole

Thanks, David Loughry

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