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We offer events, online training, sessions, flexible collaboration, speaking and consulting.

Events — Offline and/or Online
We offer various offline and/or online events for learning and using proximity thinking. Explore events here.

Online Training
You could read pages and pages of this website, but the Intro to ProxThink — Let’s Be More Alive online course is a much faster way to start! Plus, knowing about proximity thinking will help you get more out of other groups and projects at that boost sustainable variety, vitality, and being more alive. Learn more and sign up here.

Let's ProxThink - Online Sessions
Let's ProxThink to improve some situations and proximities people share. Collaborate and learn with David Loughry, creator of proximity thinking. This interactive online session includes an introduction to the framework and website if needed. Join an open session or schedule one for yourself or your group. More at

Flexible Collaboration
The Core Idea of proximity thinking is: In a situation, change elements, relationships and the proximity to better relate to each other. In this spirit, we can interact and collaborate with you in any way that works. This might include a variety of communication methods (phone, email, text, video, in person, etc.), as well as different services and approaches. Contact us for details and scheduling. Also, here's a page about this you might forward to colleagues or associates.

Idea Sessions
Idea sessions help trigger ideas and solutions for your situation. Whether for an individual or group, proximity thinking is leveraged along with the experiences and knowledge of both the participants and the ProxThink collaborator, to generate more usable ideas and solutions. These sessions can be online or in person. Contact us for details and scheduling.

David is available to give short or long introductions to proximity thinking, as well as to discuss how proximity thinking fits into current contexts and challenges. Contact us for details and scheduling.

We can consult and advise individuals, businesses and other organizations on how ProxThink ideas, tools, models and standards can be utilized and implemented. Contact us for details and scheduling.

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