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Site Possibilities

This page is part of the Proximity of our Proxri Deal.

Here are some possibilities for how this site may evolve, in the short, medium and long term. See also In Development and Other Projects. Your rewards and how you relate with us may influence this evolution.

Short Term | Medium Term | Long Term

Short Term Possibilities

• More examples for all PPs
• ProxThink-generated ideas for some real world situations
• Linking some examples and ideas to external sites
• Downloadable PDFs of Overview Lists and/or other parts of site
• Some kind of special symbol next to areas that need help or collaboration, which can be found by searching the site.
• User and/or collaborator discussion forums, to develop and implement ideas for proximities or situations they share
• Hints section with option to enter two elements as you consider their relationship.

Medium Term Possibilities

• More extensive lists and links to other websites, people, organizations, situations and proximities using the ProxThink Growth Model
• A set of transition suggestions for businesses wanting to adopt the Growth Model
• Summary buttons for people adopting growth model to put on their sites, which link to more information
• A system to document and share ways people have used ProxThink ideas as well as the Growth Model, and ways for others to collaborate with them and proxri them as appropriate.
• Consideration or rewrites of PPs as dimensions, where there is more or less of them along a dimension.
• Podcasts of some kind, perhaps of the blog
• Database for use with the various Vadi Agreements related to this site.
• Some kind of addition to the ProxMonitor, to include rewarders and collaborators.
• Collaboration system to track collaboration (forum? comments? discussion? database?)
• ProxMonitors for lots of different proximities. Examples: local, regional, world, friends, groups, etc.
• Wiki software for people to add examples and ideas
• Wiki software for refining a parallel version(s) of the ProxThink set of ideas and site (Basics, ProxPatterns, Start and others?).
• More detailed status-reporting on the ProxMonitor page
• T-shirt or a ProxThink store with various related merchandise?
• Sorting through my hundreds (thousands?) of pages of notes for other ProxThink-related ideas and content, to add to the site or possibly the blog
• Alternate versions of the site translated for other languages, or into casual or idiomatic ways of speaking for different groups of people
• Alternate version of the site for advanced users.
• Way for people to place a ProxThink Hints box on their websites (similar to at the top of this page). It could be a way for them to ProxReward us, and could be governed by the Collaboration Deal, so they would have the possibility of be ProxRewarded in return.
• Some kind of game involving ProxThink
• A way to integrate the concept of tagging into the site
• Make the site more web-standards compliant

Long Term Possibilities

• PPs-related questions and hints for specific ProxSets that many people share (disciplines, careers, businesses, interests, etc.)
• Savable workspaces where people can use PPs to think about their own situations.
• ProxSet translations, so people in one proximity can more quickly understand another proximity, by having it described in ProxThink terms
• Take-offs from the major ProxPatterns that work in more narrow ProxSets
• Create Vadi Agreements for various situations, similar to legal "boilerplate" that people can use as a starting point for agreements
• Sections for communities and groups to generate ProxThink-based ideas and discuss them
• Customizable sections for users and user groups

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