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Just Some
This site and set of ideas does not have all the answers. It perhaps has some answers. It perhaps contains some clues for action. It represents an effort to make some sense of the world. It is an effort to integrate some diverse explorations. We hope it provides some tools and ideas for diverse situations. It continues to evolve and change, and may even have some confusing aspects and inconsistencies. Would it be human if it didn't? But we think it has some value, and we hope you will spend some time here.

A Spotlight on Relationships
The ProxThink set of ideas start from the Underlying Concept which focuses on the idea of relationships between elements. (Remember that relationships are not just between people, but also between elements of various kinds.) The Core Idea extends the Underlying Concept with the proximity. The ProxThink set of ideas work with this foundation and suggest to us, or remind us, of some very basic patterns in relationships.

Relate Better to Change
With the spotlight on relationships, the ProxThink set of ideas may result in new or changed ways of relating, and help us relate better to change. Relating in new or changed ways can also change other relationships. The ideas here may help negotiate those changed relationships as well.

Further Information
For further expansion on these ideas, please see Context.

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