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Sustainability and Growth

The sustainability and growth of individuals, groups and enterprises, including this ProxThink site and project, is rarely straightforward. Paradoxically perhaps, this seems to be how things actually get accomplished. We're trying to relate to that with the points in the next section. Yet many of the points made here are likely to apply to other situations beyond this site and project.

How Things Often Play Out

Below are some thoughts about how things are often likely to play out in some situations related to this ProxThink site and project, involving elements such as people, differences and rewards. The aspects of situations described seem to be the result of different people using ProxPatterns, whether they know it or not, in different ways at different times. Much of what follows is likely to apply generally to other situations as well.

Some people won't spend much time here, or may not have many resources to reward us with. We hope some of the advertising revenue will cover their usage.

Some people, and their proximities, may be helped in non-financial ways. We hope they can reward us in some way, from recommending the site to others to making some modest kind of financial reward.

Some people, groups and businesses may be helped in major ways, from progress on tough problems, to the creation of major opportunities or successes. We hope this spurs them to reward us in larger ways.

Some people may get ordinary or modest benefits, and/or have modest resources with which to reward, and provide similar rewards.

Some people will want to or plan to reward us, but things will happen to change their circumstances, or make them forget, or whatever. We hope that the support we get from other people and sources will make up for them (sort of a cross-subsidy).

Some people will help us even though they don't understand much of ProxThink, or may not be helped much by it, but for one reason or another they just believe it should be rewarded.

Some people, no matter how much they may have been helped by the ProxThink set of ideas, won't reward us under any circumstances, because for one reason or another they just believe they shouldn't or don't have to.

Some people may fall into several of the categories above in different contexts, different times, different frames of mind. Their positions may also change over time with new experiences and ideas.

Some people will believe our ProxMonitor page, and others won't trust it, even though they will probably know more about us than most of the businesses they buy things from. We hope that the idea of more transparency, which inspired us to develop and use ProxMonitors, keeps gaining momentum, and also realize some people just won't get it.

A Lot Like Life

If you consider as a group the tangle of often contradictory people, actions and impulses mentioned above, you'll notice that it is a lot like life. Things are not perfect, lurch somewhat unpredictably forward, and are sometimes inspiring, sometimes practical, sometimes fun, sometimes confounding, and lots of other things.

The points mentioned above have a lot in common with ecosystems. Different elements relate in a variety of not always obvious ways which mutually engage and support each other, and ensure the vitality and sustainability of the system.

The points mentioned above played a role in the development of the ProxThink Growth Model, an instance of ProxGrowth. We hope you will explore each.

[[to come: another version of Some People which relates to life in general, rather than so specifically to this site and project]]

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