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Our Tagline

The ProxThink tagline is a compact way of expressing potential benefits of ProxThink and ways to relate to the ideas, site and related projects.

[[note - we come up with a number of taglines. Our current one is "Some evolving ways to relate, create and grow." This page needs to be updated.

The ProxThink Tagline
Improve. Enjoy. ProxGrow.

Improve and Enjoy
The words improve and enjoy point out that not only can the ProxThink set of ideas and site be used to improve situations, but also make them more enjoyable. The two words are perhaps the shortest way of saying the longer phrase from the welcome page: "ProxThink helps us relate to situations in more productive, adaptive, interesting and playful ways."

The word ProxGrow relates to the ProxThink Growth Model and to the concept of ProxGrowth. As you can see here at ProxGrowth, the Growth Model works in a variety of projects and situations, and for a variety of individuals, groups and organizations. Further, the word ProxGrow fits with improve and enjoy, since we usually grow as we improve and/or enjoy.

This Site and Beyond
The three words improve, enjoy and ProxGrow relate to how we, as users, collaborators and developers, might relate to the site, ideas, related projects, and each other. The three words are also perhaps a hint and reminder about how to use ProxThink to relate to proximities beyond this one.

[[to come - Rewrite to show multiple taglines, or even tagline of the day. Others might include: 1) The one above except with just "grow" instead of "ProxGrow," 2) "Ride the Flux."]]

[[another new tagline: "Sustainable Creativity (Possibly)" or "Sustainable Creativity Served Up in a Sustainable Way"]]

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