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David Loughry


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With the help of many proximities I've been a part of over the years, I created ProxThink. I hope many others will eventually add to it. I wanted a set of ideas to help me relate to a wide range of situations. I hope ProxThink helps you and your proximities, and our combined proximity.

Information about me can be found in several places. Some can be found on the History page, which is a brief history of the origins of ProxThink. You can see more about my current situation at my personal ProxMonitor. On the Acknowledgments page, you'll find more about some of my influences, such as proximities, books, inspirations, and places I have lived. On the Experiments and the Growth Arc pages, you'll see how I'm approaching the growth of the ProxThink projects. Finally, on this page, you will find a few other notes and background material.

I grew up mostly in Cheyenne, Wyoming, from second grade through high school. Before that, we lived in Denver, Colorado, and St. Louis, Missouri, and a couple other towns.

I began college as an architecture major at Washington University in St. Louis. While there, I also developed interests in art, design, philosophy, sociology, social philosophy, history, modern and contemporary art, and the process of creativity, all of which have engaged me ever since. I attended the University of Wyoming briefly and studied mostly science and math. I have a BA in mathematics and an MBA with a double emphasis in marketing and finance, both from the University of Colorado.

My work experience includes marketing, finance, sales, creativity facilitation, public interest canvassing and graphic design.

I've been an entrepreneur in art, graphic design, fashion and creativity.

I'm an artist and designer. You can see my art at, and both art and design at A number of ideas related to ProxThink have co-evolved with my painting, drawing and design.

I have also been a bit of an inventor, although none of my inventions have been brought to market. Similar to art, being engaged in the process of invention helped me develop ProxThink. I developed a bicycle attachment. I also developed a set of variations of strong structural components involving only plywood, and another set involving plywood and webbing.

I was a musician, a percussionist and drummer, from fifth grade through my early twenties. I performed in school bands and orchestras, and well as small rock and jazz bands. Through jazz, I became aware of improvisation, a continuing inspiration.

I loved skiing from the very first run, in about fourth grade. I became an expert and dreamed of becoming a ski bum. After graduate school, I finally got up the nerve and moved to Vail, Colorado, a major resort town, for nine years. Believe it or not, mogul skiing influenced my thinking quite a bit. It was in Vail that ProxThink first began to take shape.

My father was a general surgeon, and was also accomplished in woodworking and photography. My mother sews, is highly organized, and loves teaching people things. One grandmother was an amateur painter and gardened. The other grandmother sewed, played golf and loved bridge. Both grandfathers were good with numbers, one as a manager and the other an accountant, but also liked fixing and creating, one handy with cars, the other with gardens.

David Loughry

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