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Transitions for People

Individually and together in groups, we may be going through transitions towards greater emphasis on relationships and proximities. Three aspects of the ProxThink site and set of ideas may help people in these transitions.


From Ourselves to Relationships and Proximities
We are becoming more networked and interdependent. Our lives are becoming more complex. In proximities which include elements such as the geographical, social, environmental and technological, many people have begun to emphasize the importance of relationships and how we are related. We may be going through transitions along the following dimension: moving from a high emphasis on looking after and being responsible for ourselves, to a greater emphasis on also looking after and being responsible for our relationships and our proximities. This affects individuals, groups and organizations.

A Role for ProxThink
Since ProxThink focuses on related elements in proximity (see Core Idea), some of the ideas, tools and practices found here could play a role in such transitions. Especially of value may be the ProxPatterns, a set of related patterns for relating in the proximity.

Three Aspects

Of Particular Relevance
Three aspects of the ProxThink site and set of ideas may have particular relevance for transitions from ourselves to our relationships and proximities. These three are: 1) the main ProxThink ideas, 2) the Growth Model, and 3) our Intellectual Property Approach. The ProxPatterns are a prominent feature of each. The next three paragraphs include edited link lists from How We Relate, so you can explore each one. Depending on your role as you look at them (whether mainly from the perspective of an individual, group or organization), your relationship to them changes. For example, as an individual, you may mostly consider Vadi Agreements and the various deals (Site, Collaboration, IP) in the Growth Model in more casual ways. In contrast, an organization might look at the same things in mostly formal ways (yet the ProxPatterns might help keep things from becoming overly formal).

1) ProxThink Ideas
See especially Welcome, Context, Start, Hints, Basics, and ProxPatterns.

2) Growth Model
See Growth Model, Perpective, PPs & Rewards, Some People, Proxri Deal, Adopt (r], Collaboration Deal, and IP Deal.

3) Intellectual Property Approach
Note that IP means intellectual property. Considered broadly, IP relates to many sorts of creations and innovations, from trivial to significant. See ProxPatterns: IP, Quick IP Deal and IP Deal.

The ProxThink Team

Implications for the Team
In an effort for individuals in the ProxThink team to transition to a greater focus on relationships and proximities, relating to variety takes on significance. For now, the team consists of me, David Loughry. You can find out more about my emphasis on variety here in my personal ProxMonitor.

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