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Visual Hints

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Curly Brackets
The curly brackets "{" and "}" are a visual hint. You see them on the outside edges of the ProxThink logo. They visually and conceptually contain, so they refer to the proximity and to other ProxThink concepts like ProxSets and ProxPatterns. They also sort of look like the side of someone's face!

The (r] Symbol

The (r] symbol, initially created for RelatePoints, is closely associated with the Growth Model, and evokes it as well. The symbol (r] is very compact, so it can appear many different places. For example, it can be a link on a website, a mark on a creative work, or an iconic graphic on a sign. It can be created by anyone with a keyboard. It is also easily created with a pen, pencil, brush, etc.

Evoking Relationship
The symbol (r] for a RelatePoint, and often the Growth Model, uses a left parenthesis and a right bracket around the letter "r." The "r" can stand for relate, relationship, and reward. The "r" is situated between two different elements, the "(" and "]", which can be read as objects, ideas, feelings, people, etc. Since the "r" is between two different elements, it can evoke the existence of, need for, and opportunity for relationships. It can say "look here" for relationship. Also, the parenthesis "(" and bracket "]" form a kind of boundary, and hency evoke the proximity.

Evoking the Growth Model
Also, since the elements "(" and "]" on either side of the "r" are different, the RelatePoint symbol can refer to Vadi Agreements, and the ProxThink Growth Model.

A New Standard
This could become a new standard. We have a need for an icon like this. We have a need for ways to refer to and trigger relationships that are flexible, renewable, sustainable, pluralistic and multifaceted.

Adopt Them and Reward
Please consider using the related standards in the Growth Model, of which the RelatePoint (r] is a part. If you do, we ask you to ProxReward us as a part of our IP Deal, for pioneering the standards.

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