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Here are several advanced ProxPattern points about options, neutrality, and paradoxes.

Options | Neutrality | Paradoxes

Options and Alternatives

Using ProxPatterns can open up options, alternatives and possibilities. Not only that, they can increase the chances that some of the options, alternatives and possibilities are viable, feasible, enjoyable, achievable, etc.

Once you spend some time with the ProxPatterns, you will probably notice something rather interesting. The ProxPatterns support lots of different viewpoints and perspectives. Which is a lot like life. Different things are possible at different times, and those different things change with time. Different things are important at different times, and those different things change with time.

Getting Unstuck
When something is starting to get stuck, we often need other valid and important places to go. Or in ProxThink language, when relationships are starting to get stuck, we often need other valid and important relationships to move to. ProxPatterns, whether you think of them or call them ProxPatterns or not, can often help us move from those stuck relationships to new relationships.

Dealing with Change
ProxPatterns are about ensuring that elements relate even as they change, and ensuring that even change itself, and planning for change, is an element in most proximities. Having places to go is often as important as being places. Having things to do is often as important as doing things. The potential to keep having relationships is as important as having relationships. ProxPatterns can help with this.

Keeping the Action Going
ProxPatterns help keep the action going. The action in question could include almost any element or relationship in almost any situation. For example, in the previous sentence, we used the words "almost any" instead of "any," as we remembered the Limits PPs. Saying "any" is so sweeping and categorical it sort of stops the action. In contrast, saying "almost any" keeps options and possibilities open.

Options | Neutrality | Paradoxes

Neutrality - Yes, No, and Beyond

The more you look into ProxPatterns, the more you may see how from some perspectives, they are a neutral set of ideas. Why? ProxPatterns can work with elements and relationships that can be considered positive and negative, good and bad, and shades in between.

Proximity Changes the Neutrality
However, when you take the proximity into account, elements and relationships move away from neutral. Some elements and relationships are usually emphasized in a proximity, whether they are emphasized due to being unavoidable or are emphasized due to being actively chosen. These influence how ProxPatterns get used, and move things away from neutral.

From a larger perspective, ProxPatterns are not about positive or negative, good or bad, desired and undesired, but rather about better relating elements, relationships and the proximity (which is the Core Idea), even as elements change. In that sense, ProxPatterns may help us keep from getting stuck at extreme positions on dimensions such as good/bad, positive/negative, desirable/undesirable. They can help us take multiple viewpoints, deal with change, and keep the action going.

Options | Neutrality | Paradoxes


Thinking and Not
Several paradoxes involve how ProxPatterns can be useful although we may not think about them. For many situations, we use ProxPatterns without thinking about them. We either don't know what they are, or even if we do, we don't think about our actions from that perspective. Likewise, even when we learn to use ProxPatterns consciously, once we get the hang of them, we again stop thinking about them as they become more natural. Sometimes it is in situations where the going gets tough or confusing, or we get stuck, that thinking again more consciously about ProxPatterns becomes extra beneficial. This may lead to the next paradox below.

Better, Yet Still Unpredictable
Another paradox involves the unpredictable benefits of using ProxPatterns. When ProxPatterns are used, consciously or not, a situation is likely to improve. Yet the situation will often still be unpredictable in the following way: Although you are likely to improve a situation with ProxPatterns, you often can't say or characterize ahead of time how that improvement might happen, or what it might be.

[[to come - ways to use the Terms and Tools of ProxThink to create new ProxPatterns]]

Options | Neutrality | Paradoxes

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