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Adopt the Growth Model

An Invitation for You
You are invited to adopt the ProxThink Growth Model, for yourself or your organization. In the process, you can create growth opportunities for yourself and those in your proximities. Growth will probably occur in a wider variety of ways compared to economic growth. Interested? Read on.

Wider Variety
If a benefit of adopting the ProxThink Growth Model is growth in a wider variety of ways, what does that mean? Perhaps it's a bit like being able to juggle more balls, but also you may juggle them with more people. Work, play, family and friends may overlap a bit more. This is because you may develop richer relationships, and rewards will be more various (since many may not be rewards of money). Part of helping the transition is to avoid forcing it, and to try to keep yourself and others actively involved.

How to Start
1. Begin by learning about ProxThink in the Start area.
2. Find out about the Growth Model and then adopt and/or adapt it for your situation. See also our IP Requests in the IP Deal.
3. In accord with our IP Deal, ProxReward us for developing, pioneering and promoting some new ways of growing and relating. Thank you.

[[to come - suggestions for how to use (r] on your website.]]

Who Else is Using It?
We are keeping a list of people using the ProxThink Growth Model on the Adopters page.

Part of a Transition?
Individually and together, we may be going through transitions towards greater emphasis on relationships and proximities. The ProxThink set of ideas and the Growth Model may be part of that. To find out more, see Transitions for People.

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