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Rewards Framework


PPs in the Context of Rewards
As part of PPs & Rewards, we've developed a Rewards Framework for thinking about ProxPatterns (PPs) in the context of rewards. Below you will see some Examples & Comments using the framework. This framework can be adapted to other proximities and situations. The examples also relate to the discussion at Some People.

Adopt and Reward
We hope and plan for this framework to have wide applicability beyond this site. Although it is presented here in relation to this website, it can be adapted for other resources. If you use or adapt this framework, we ask you to ProxReward us as a part of our IP Deal. We are developing and promoting some new ways of growing and relating. Thank you.

The Framework

As a framework for thinking about ProxPatterns related to rewards for this site and set of ideas, consider five dimensions. (Five is not a magic number here.) This framework can be adapted to other proximities and situations, and we believe it may have wide applicability, beyond this site.

Usage Dimension
Light to Heavy - A light user would be an infrequent user of the site or ideas. A heavy user would be a frequent user of the site or ideas.

User Rewards Dimension
Few to Many - A user might reap a few rewards from the ideas here, to many or varied rewards.

User Resources Dimensions
Kind, Quality and Quantity - A user might have various kinds of resources, only one of which is money, such as access to various goods, services, networks, knowledge, skills, experiences, feelings, etc. The quality and quantity of these could vary.

User Beliefs about Rewarding Dimension
Open to Unaware - A user might be open to the idea of rewards. A user might be unaware of the idea of rewards. Or, a user might be somewhere in between. These different levels of awareness or receptivity might be informed by various ideas or beliefs from realms as diverse as street smarts, religion, business, philosophy, experience, competition, teamwork, collaboration, fears, hopes, etc.

User Awareness of RelatePoint Dimension
Aware to Unaware - A user might be more or less aware of potential relationships presented at a RelatePoint (r], or unaware.

Examples & Comments

Given the above framework, we can put together different examples, which follow.

Part of the point here is we may be like these different people at different times, given different related elements in our proximity. This way of managing resources as well as coordinating and collaborating with others, allows and accounts for how we change with different proximities. Another point is how allowing this variety of relationships to resources or people is healthier for people and more efficient in many ways, as noted at PPs & Rewards.

In the examples below, we use the words site resources, to distinguish from user resources with which users can reward the site resources. Site resources refers to this site and the ideas here.

To see how this model can relate to other proximities and situations, you can substitute resources you have in mind wherever it mentions site resources. This helps show how the ProxPatterns-influenced reward concept of proxri, and the Growth Model, have wide applicability, beyond this site.

Jack or Jill the Networker
Jack is a light user of the site resources, but his use generated a big reward recently when ...

Tim or Beth the Freeloader
Beth helps companies develop innovative products and services. She is a heavy user of the ...

Frank and Ellen the Copycats
Frank and Ellen are moderate users of the site resources, and have reaped user rewards of their own enough to ...

Sam or Jenny the Rewarder
Jenny is a moderate user of the site resources, and has found it rewarding in ...

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