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The Networker

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Jack or Jill the Networker

This story is one of several examples in the framework for thinking about rewards at PPs & Rewards.


Jack is a light user of the site resources, but his use generated a big reward recently when he thought of something that was a winner with someone he knows (business partner, associate, friend, significant other, etc.). Jack has potential but not a lot of money right now. However, he is a good networker – he cultivates a wide array of relationships with other people. He believes that what comes around goes around, and even though he didn't know about the RelatePoint or rewards, he told five people about the site resources that had helped him.


Allow uncertainty was used in Jack's openness to new ideas, and the site's open nature. Jack's networking skills helped him to honor the integrity of the inspiration for his winner idea. And, the site resources were able to relate to a variety of users, including one like Jack. This helped him through some changes in his life. It also helped the site resources connect with more people, and grow their network.

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