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ProxPatterns (PPs) & Rewards

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Options Can Mean Flexibility and Sustainability
How might ProxPatterns (PPs) relate to rewards, in comparison to fixed prices? ProxPatterns like Relate a Variety and Allow Uncertainty seem to argue for the optional nature of rewards. Optional rewards also fit with most of the other Combo PPs. On the other hand, Honor Integrity might suggest more certain payments. So, it's possible that a ProxPatterns perspective suggests optional rewards rather than fixed prices in some situations. We've decided to try an experiment, and suggest rewards that vary in amount and kind that relate elements in the proximity. We call them ProxRewards. We believe such rewards can in many situations be more flexible, sustainable and pluralistic, as you will discover below.

Overview of Sections Below
Just below, we present a larger picture of managing resources with optional rewards and how it can be Healthier and More Efficient. Following that, we present a Framework for considering them, and Other Arguments for them.

Healthier and More Efficient

Which Situations?
Although there are limits to what we can know, and in some situations variety might be called for, optional rewards may work better in proximities or situations with higher degrees of change, variability, ambiguity, interpretation, and interactivity.

Healthier for People
Managing resources as well as coordinating and collaborating with others with optional rewards can be healthier for people. It creates a somewhat structured freedom, encourages communication and promotes more various and engaged relationships. These tend to be healthy for people.

More Efficient in Some Ways
Managing resources as well as coordinating and collaborating with others with optional rewards can be more efficient in some ways. Growth can occur in a variety of ways with fewer resources being lost to the protection of resources or fixed positions (in the case of people). The protection of resources or positions, relates to both proactive protection (e.g. contracts, fixed prices) and retroactive protection (e.g. legal and court systems). The power of probability is also leveraged with rewards, in much the way that insurance helps manage risk. The certainty of a reward in any given instance may go down, but the chances of catastrophic failure due to no rewards also probably goes down, since so much flexibility is allowed in the the amount and kind of rewards. Combined, these have the potential to reduce risks and stress and increase productivity and efficiency.

A Good Start
We'll present other arguments for the flexibility and sustainability of rewards in Other Arguments. For now, you may see how the advantages of health and efficiency are a good start.

Rewards Framework

A Framework and Examples
We've developed a Rewards Framework for thinking about ProxPatterns in the context of rewards. You will see some Examples & Comments using the framework. The examples also relate to the discussion at Some People. Go to the Framework here.

Other Arguments

Collecting a List
We're collecting a list of some other arguments for the Growth Model and optional rewards here.

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