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Four Processes

About this Section
This section has full descriptions of the Growth Model processes. For more brief descriptions of the processes, you can see one of two introductions:
• A short introduction can be found in our Intro Area at Brief Intro - Growth Model. (This link takes you out of the User Area. You can move between areas with the Go to User Area and Go to Intro Area links in the upper right of pages.)
• A long introduction can be found here in the User Area at The Long Introduction.

Effect of the Processes
When implemented together, these four processes have the effect of transforming a proximity into something more like an element, thus making it easier to relate to the proximity. It may also make the proximity seem more like it has a life of its own!

The Processes
The growth model starts with the concept of using ProxPatterns and includes four main processes: RelatePoints, ProxMonitors, Vadi Agreements, and ProxRewards (proxri). Also, there is a page called Proxri in Practice, to give a better picture of how proxri may work.

The Growth Model and our Proxri Deal evolved as we were asking how the ProxPatterns might be used to create a proximity thinking kind of business model for this very website!

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