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What are ProxMonitors?

ProxMonitors are a main process of the Growth Model.

A Proximity Monitor, or ProxMonitor, increases ProxAwareness, which can help many kinds of relationships.

A Proximity Monitor, or ProxMonitor, increases ProxAwareness, which can help many kinds of relationships. To better relate in a Core Idea sense, people need greater awareness of and information about the proximity. Further, this awareness is a key part of taking ProxPatterns-related action. A Proximity Monitor, or ProxMonitor, provides some of this awareness and information, or ProxAwareness. It helps us monitor the status, progress, and other dimensions we want to keep track of, in the proximity of a situation. It may also include the perceived quality of relationships and/or elements in a proximity.

A Step Up
Of course, the proximity is flexible and will vary based on the person as well as the situation. But there is value in monitoring aspects of the proximity. Even a limited ProxMonitor may be better than what we often get for many situations, and hence a better start for ProxPatterns-related actions.

Examples and Adaptability
On a website, a ProxMonitor can be a page or set of pages that track various things. However, the concept can adapt to a variety of situations. A ProxMonitor can be any kind of information sharing method that increases ProxAwareness by tracking the status of various elements. ProxMonitors can range from scoreboards to electronic sensors, systems for reporting and feedback, wikis, accounting methods, voting, thermometers, surveys, video surveillance, mobile apps that boost ProxAwareness, as well as ways of checking references, reviews or complaints. Even getting a sense of the mood of the proximity of a situation has a ProxMonitoring aspect.

Combining RelatePoints and ProxMonitors
Sometimes, RelatePoints and ProxMonitors are combined. For example, with people, our bodies are often both. We coordinate our relationships through speech, expressions and body language (RelatePoints), while at the same time monitoring feedback, status, and progress through our sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose). You can also see how RelatePoints and ProxMonitors are combined as an ability to relate, when considering ProxGrowth and the Growth Model.

A Shorter Word
As people get comfortable with the ProxMonitor concept, it will be convenient to use a shorter word for it. We are starting to use ProxMon as short for ProxMonitor.

Possible New Standard
ProxMonitors could become a new standard. We have a need for the option of greater awareness about our proximities.

Adopt Them and Reward
We invite you to adopt the related standards in the Growth Model, of which ProxMonitors are a part. If you do, we ask you to ProxReward us as a part of our IP Deal, for pioneering the standards. For more, see Adopt (r]. Thank you.

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