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In case you missed them in the Intro Area, below are some key potential benefits of ProxThink, such as why use it, who can benefit, how does it help and ways to use it, as well as a short discussion of our Proxri Deal. For a larger set of introductory information, see Learn More.

Why use ProxThink?
Who can benefit?
How does it help?
Ways to Use ProxThink
What's the Proxri Deal?

Why use ProxThink?

The ProxThink set of ideas can help in many kinds of situations, from daily living including work and play, to larger issues and global concerns. ProxThink is offered in a sustainable way via our Proxri Deal. You can start quickly in your own way.

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Who can benefit?

ProxThink is for people who want to enjoy life, solve problems, create, learn, design, innovate, resolve conflict, write, survive, explore, build teams, develop relationships, create community and live fully. ProxThink can benefit daily activities and people in business, science, the arts, school, government, research, design, engineering, industry, entertainment and other areas.

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How does it help?

ProxThink helps us relate to situations in more productive, effective, adaptive, creative, playful and enjoyable ways. It helps those qualities emerge in situations as well.

ProxThink is an integrated set, or framework, of ideas, tools, models and standards for relationships, creativity, innovation, growth and sustainability in proximities. Briefly, the integrated nature of ProxThink can be summarized as follows: A set of concepts which help describe situations is joined with patterns and tools for generating ideas and considering relationships. Together, these concepts, patterns and tools can help us relate elements in the proximity of situations. Doing so serves and supports growth, and can be used in a variety of proximities. The thinking involved in such relating and growing could be considered proximity thinking. So the term ProxThink reminds us to relate, create and grow with proximities in mind, which can also lead to sustainability. See ProxThink Innovations for more.

What kinds of situations can ProxThink serve? Many kinds, from relating to simple objects and daily concerns, to social situations, to business situations, to community situations, to creative situations in the arts and design, to theoretical situations, to physical situations in engineering and science.

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Ways to Use ProxThink

There are many Ways to Use ProxThink. These ways to use ProxThink often spring from the three chief ProxThink Innovations, which foster and support Sustainability.

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What's the Proxri Deal?

We have an alternative organizational form, built with a Growth Model we developed. This Growth Model has the potential to be sustainable, flexible, healthy, fun and efficient for people in the proximity of situations in which it is used. In turn, these qualities can help people grow, change, survive and thrive.

We used the Growth Model to create our Proxri Deal. An important part of the Proxri Deal is our ProxMonitor. Basically, the Proxri Deal says this: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind. You can see other parts of how we operate at Terms of Use. You will better understand as you explore, learn and use the ProxThink site and ideas.

Individually and together in groups, we may be going through transitions toward greater emphasis on relationships. The Growth Model is one of three aspects of the ProxThink site and set of ideas which may help with these transitions.

Thank you in advance for honoring our Proxri Deal (including ProxMonitor) and Terms of Use.

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