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Likeable Habits

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Before, during or after your session here ...

Our Request
Before, during or after your session here, we ask you to abide by 1 or 2 or both. Why? See Sustainable Habits, Likeable Habits below.

1) Users - Online and Offline - Proxri Deal
Whether you use the site online or the ideas and concepts offline, please see the Proximity of our Proxri Deal. Our Proxri Deal applies in both cases. Especially consider Our Relationship, Your Rewards, and our ProxMonitor. Through these, consider rewarding with a proxri.
Proximity of our Proxri Deal
Feb. $0 of $2.4K • Debt Moderate • Feb. 2, 2024
Suggested Minimum Proxri
Proxri now via Partners, ProxSets or Money.

2) Adapters, Publishers, Others - IP Deal
People adapting, adopting, publishing, or relevant other activities related to the IP Resources are requested to abide by the IP Deal.
Proximity of our IP Deal
Feb. $0 of $2.4K • Debt Moderate • Feb. 2, 2024
Proxri now via Partners, ProxSets or Money.

Collaborators - Collaboration Deal
We hope you are aware of our Collaboration Deal for collaborators. You and others may benefit from your collaboration.

Your Other Proximities
Perhaps more than you otherwise might, please consider other proximities in your life. Look for, create and use ProxMonitors and RelatePoints. Create or use Vadi Agreements and reward with ProxRewards (Proxri). We are often part of many overlapping proximities, many of which may benefit from the ProxThink Growth Model.

Sustainable Habits, Likeable Habits
The ProxThink ideas, tools, models and standards can be sustainable resources for people in many different proximities around the world. For them to remain sustainable, we ask users, adapters, publishers and others to abide by the Proxri Deal and/or IP Deal mentioned above in sections 1 and 2. You'll notice many of the deals aren't requirements so much as requests, suggestions and proposed standards or habits. Some habits can become self-reinforcing (so rewarding and valuable that you like them). Proxri which make ProxThink a sustainable resource not only ensure it keeps growing for you, but provide rewards to others who use it, and in turn, their proximities. In this sense, rewarding with creative, fun or highly relevant proxri might be especially habit-forming, rewarding, self-reinforcing and likeable.

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