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Key Points

Use in Combination
The word combo is short for combination. The Combo PPs (PPs means ProxPatterns) work and play especially well with each other. In other words, elements and relationships in the proximity often benefit when several, though not necessarily all, of the Combo PPs are active. They also combine well with PPs from the Limits and Pure groups.

Not all the Combo PPs come into play in every situation (remember the Value of Some).


• Are you wondering what to do next? Looking for choices for action? Searching for ways to improve a situation? Want to find ways to enjoy a situation or have more fun? You may find some triggers for thinking and action here in the Combo PPs section.
• Are there a diversity of elements in your proximity? Are you looking for ways to increase quality? Try relating a variety.
• Does something seem to be demanding your attention? Are there elements in the proximity which are pretty much permanent parts of your situation? Are there certain values you want to preserve? A good way to relate to them is to honor at least some of their integrity.
• Is there too much uncertainty or too many unknowns in your proximity or situation? Or, maybe too few surprises? Consider allowing some uncertainty.
• Do things seem about to break? Does the situation seem uncontrollable? Perhaps you should avoid forcing.
• Do relationships seem too superficial? Are you having trouble relating some elements? Maybe you need to involve more actively.
• What are the critical transitions in your proximity or situation? Do the transitions seem like an important element? Check out transition smoothly.
• Are you considering the connections between elements? How important is detachability, modularity, flexibility? Consider connecting independently.


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Conflict Management
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Dinner Party (Combo PPs)
You are having a small dinner party. The initial guest list includes ...

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